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Founder/director of Mormonism Research Ministry,

based in the Salt Lake City area.

Speaker Bill McKeever

Author of Answering Mormonsí Questions

(Bethany House)

Co-author of Questions to Ask Your Mormon Friends

(Bethany House)

and Mormonism 101 (Baker Book)

Editor of bi-monthly newsletter Mormonism Researched

Primary contributor to www.mrm.org

Mormonism Research Ministry began in 1979 as a means of informing the Body of Christ about the doctrinal issues that separate Mormonism from Christianity. Since then it has become both an apologetic and missionary organization dedicated to taking the gospel of grace directly to the Mormon people. Bill has had the pleasure of training hundreds of young people for short-term mission trips into Utah and coordinated numerous educational outreaches at Mormon temple open houses.

His expertise on Mormonism (covering over three decades) has allowed him to speak in many seminaries, Bible colleges, churches, and conferences throughout the world. His firm but compassionate message has earned him the respect of many pastors who see the importance of having congregations that understand the basics of the Mormon faith in order to respond properly to the Mormon culture.

Bill has put together several presentations that cover a wide variety of topics pertaining to Mormon teaching and how it differs from Christianity. Whether it is a one-night introduction or a complete weekend on Mormonism, MRM can meet the need in a way that is interesting, informative, and honoring to the Lord.

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