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Video Outreach

Brian and I have personally found how effective videos can be not only for helping our children grow spiritually but for helping their friends growĖand for reaching those friends who are not yet believers (all of which comes back to our children as a blessing).

My daughter Michelle told me, ďMom, Iím not very good at sharing Christ with people, at least not yet, but I can use films like Road to Redemption to help me share with other kids.Ē Sheís right! In this section we tell you about a lot of fine films that not only share the gospel but get kids thinking about issues in their own lives

Once a month, on a Friday night, we have our kidsí friends come to our home for a movie night and popcorn. Everyone (even parents) really looks forward to it. Iím always being asked by kids, ďMrs. Morley whenís the next movie night?Ē

You might consider having a movie night in your home. Itís a great time for fun and friends, and an outreach to believers and non-believers alike. Donít be surprised if some kids look back as adults and see those nights as one of the most important spiritual influences of their childhood.

Bible Videos For Adults
Bible Videos For Children
True stories of men and women who stepped out and affected their world and the Kingdom to come.
Children and Youth Classics
Contemporary Issues
Videos about lessons of trust, perseverence and the power of God. Life stories of those who were involved in drugs, suffering with alcoholism, marital strife or simply dealing with grief. Also provided are questions of faith--is there evidence for the existence of God? Is God "there" in the midst of tragedy? Is there meaning in evil and suffering? Recommended age group: High school - Adult
For Children: Adventures From the Book of Virtues
Evangelistic stories about people who have found new life in Jesus Christ. Also, fictional accounts that help the viewer see their need for Jesus. Recommended age group: Youth-Adult.
Missionary stories that motivate us to follow God's will, and share His good news, wherever He would have us.
Testimonies with different flavor. Some are stories of courage, others of sustaining hope, of faith in Jesus Christ, and of God's grace. Recommended age group: Youth-Adult. Some videos may not be suitable for younger teens.
True-Life Stories
Life-stories of situations and crises that have led many of the people covered in this section to a personal relationship with God. Other true-life stories give an account of how people responded to the needs they saw around them. Recommended Age group: Age group varies. Parental discretion advised.
What Does Art Have to Do with the Spiritual Life?
CHRISTIAN ALL OF LIFE is meant to glorify God. This fact has been used both to encourage and to discourage the use of art by Christians. Historically, of course,