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Universe - Its Design

It has long been thought that the design of the universe points to a designer (the "teleological" argument). Because the most complex things are living and offer potentially the best examples of design, a good deal of debate since Darwin has centered on whether or not life as we know it could have come about by blind evolution. Recent discoveries of just how finely tuned physical constants in the universe have to be for any life to exist have recently opened up another type of teleological argument.
In Debate With Evolutionists
There is more to discussing evolution than debating the age of the earth or the wing breadth of the archaeopteryx. There is value, for example, in examining how evolutionists make their defense. Looking beyond the argument....
Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning
My starting point is a book review which Theodosius Dobzhansky published in 1975, critiquing Pierre Grassť's The Evolution of Life.
Overview of the Cosmological Argument
In contrast to the ontological argument, the cosmological argument assumes that something exists and argues from the existence of that thing to the existence of a First Cause or a Sufficient Reason of the cosmos.
Overview of the Teleological Argument
Perhaps the oldest and most popular of all the arguments for the existence of God is the teleological argument. It is the famous argument from design, inferring an intelligent designer of the universe just as we infer an intelligent designer for any product in which we discern evidence of purposeful adaptation of means to some end (telos).