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Children & Their Spiritual Life

It was foretold of John the Baptist that he would be ďexcellent in the sight of the LordĒ (Luke 1:15). Isnít that what we desire for our own children? It wonít just happen, it takes a lot of work and prayer!

Even with all our praying donít we still wonder what will become of them after weíve raised them and they are on their own? Because it was so obvious that God was involved with John the Baptistís birth, people were asking, ďWhat then will this child turn out to be? For the hand of the Lord was certainly with himĒ (Lk. 1:66 nasb). When we see God working so clearly, we canít help wonder whatís ahead.

Do we see God working in the lives of our own children? Do we look to their future with anticipation? Will they become mature, godly adults?

The time to determine that outcome is now, while you are still raising them.

In this section we have articles and other helps to equip and encourage you to raise godly children. Keep in mind that the site is still in its infancy and we plan to add a good deal to it. Be sure to visit our Resources section for more materials, and our Videos sectionĖwe are constantly searching for great videos that will make a difference in the lives of your children.

How to Lead Your Child to Christ
The Lord longs to welcome children into His family. ďLet the little children come to me,Ē Jesus said, ďand do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as theseĒ (Matthew 19:14, NIV). Through our prayers and encouragement, we can have an active part in leading our sons and daughters to faith in Christ.
William Penn's Advice to His Children
Part 1
My Dear Children:

Not knowing how long it may please God to continue me amongst you, I am willing to embrace this opportunity of leaving you my advice and counsel with respect to your Christian and civil capacity and duty in this world.
William Penn's Advice to His Children
Part 2
I will begin here also with the beginning of time--the morning. So soon as you wake, retire your mind into a pure silence from all thoughts and ideas of worldly things, and in that frame wait upon GOD, to feel His good presence, to lift up your hearts to Him, and commit your whole self into his blessed care and protection
William Penn's Advice to His Children
Part 3
Be humble. It becomes a creature, a depending and borrowed being, that lives not of itself, but breathes in another's air with another's breath, and is accountable for every moment of time and can call nothing its own, but is absolutely a tenant at will of the great Lord of heaven and earth.
My Heart -- Christ's Home
n exerpt taken from My Heart Christís Home Retold For Children by Robert Boyd Munger with Carolyn Nystrom.
Tolkienís Ordinary Virtues: Friendship
There is no greater treasure in Middle-earth (or anywhere else for that matter) than friends. For all the benefits of being unencumbered, Frodo is fortunate to find he has several such treasures and that three of them refuse to be left behind.
Tolkienís Ordinary Virtues: Simplicity
Hobbits are a rustic, with little use for machinery and little concern for the affairs of the larger world. They are fond of eating (plenty and often), and they prize predictability over originality. They despise adventures of any kind, considering them (rightly), Ďnasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner!íĒ (The Hobbit, p. 18). Hobbits are unlikely heroes...
What Does Art Have to Do With the Spiritual Life?
For the Christian all of life is meant to glorify God. This fact has been used both to encourage and to discourage the use of art by Christians. Historically, of course, Christianity (and religion in general) has provided the most important motivation and sources for the development of art.
What Does Sports Have To Do with the Spiritual Life?
A successful coach once said that sports were not a matter of life and death--they were much more important than that! The amount of time and energy expended by participants, the space given to sports by newspapers and broadcasters and the money paid by spectators and sponsors suggests that sports are among the most significant areas of human activity.
Family Goals
The old adage "If you don't know where you're going you'll never get there" is an important reason to establish family goals. Whether it is to envision new ways to relate to one another in family relations, to make plans about where to spend a family vacation or to develop the spiritual lives of family members, setting goals is the way to make sure you will achieve what you want to have happen in your family life.
Games are like complex toys that people can play, provided they know how and will obey the rules. Games can engage people fully. Each player at the checkerboard is there as a whole person, focused on playing. Games are bona fide, God-given invitations to be playful and therefore can open people to God.
Proverbs 22:6: Train a Child
hat makes this text a hard saying is not the meaning of the words as they stand; they are plain and easy to translate. Instead, the problem centers in the differing views of the central phrase, "the way he should go," and in the fact that the verse doesn't always "come true."