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These are the unique life journeys of people who have found a personal relationship with God. Some are dramatic, some are profound. We trust they will motivate you in your own life journey.
Just Like Many Before You
Available are various links that will help any God-seeking individual.
Resignation Letter of A Former Mormon
The author of this letter wishes to resign from the LDS church. He explains, in detail, his reasons for it.
George Bush
George Bush's Statement of Faith
Rick Husband
The life testimony of Rick Husband
Astronaut of the Columbia
Bruce Marchiano
How "Jesus" Came to Christ
Michael King
Testimony of a Former Drug Addict
G. Zeineldť Jordan, Se.
The Birth and Death of an Atheist
John Clayton
Testimony of a Former Atheist
Kimberly Shumate
I Was A Witch
Martin Luther
Testimony of a Former Catholic Monk.
Dr. Hegger--Jean Brepsant--Dr. Herman Hegger--Toufic Khouri--Benigno Zuniga--Orlando Molina--Celso Muniz--Renato Di Lorenzo
Testimonies of Former Catholic Priests
Mary Ann Collins
Testimony of a Former Catholic Nun
Donna Morley
Testimony of a Former Catholic (shorter version can be found in the section "About Us")
Mike Ramsay
Mike's journey out of Catholicism and into a living relationship with Jesus Christ.
Carolyn Poole
Why I Left Christian Science
Duane Washum
Testimony of A Former Worshipful Master Of Freemasonry
Burt Noyes
Thirty-Five Years in the Watchtower
Edmond C. Gruss
Testimony of a Former Jehovah's Witness
Loren Rebbitzin
Rabbi Loren's Story
Richard Anderson
The Testimony of a Messianic Jew.
Rachmiel Frydland
I Escaped From the Nazis.
Clodette Woodhouse
Testimony of a Former Mormon
Cathy Fowler
Rescued From 20 Years in the New Age Movement
Son of the Desert
A Former Muslim in Saudi Arabia explains: Why I Became a Christian
Walid Shoebat
Former Arab Terrorist Apologizes For Trying to Murder Jews
Rabi Maharaj
"Death of a Guru"
Testimony of a Former Hindu
Stephen H. Short
Zen and the Art of Not Knowing God