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Sharing Your Faith

Is Slavery in the Bible?
Over the years, I have heard comments about slavery being in the Bible. Many claim this is why they donít believe in God. Certainly, they donít believe the Bible is Godís Word (that is, if He exists). After all, how could your God approve such a horrific thing? How could He approve of this racism?
Email regarding Women's Evangelism
I've been given the opportunity to witness to strangers in a sort of "preaching" platform. My question is this: Does what Paul writes in the Bible about women not being allowed to preach or teach men apply to my situation?
Email Regarding Evangelism & The Ten Commandments
What do you think is the purpose of the Ten Commandments?

What would you say to a non-believer when they asked you why they should become a Christian?
Sharing Your Faith With Asian Americans
After the Japanese air force treacherously decimated the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, considerable social and physical hostility erupted against Japanese Americans. In one case a mob of Anglo-Americans broke into a small store in Fresno, California, dragged the proprietor out into the street, and bludgeoned him to death with...
Answering Claims Made By Atheists
It may come as a surprise to many Christians to discover that all atheists are not alike. Atheists argue differently depending on what it is that grounds their unbelief.
Breaking Through the ďRelativity BarrierĒ
How to Make Points Effectively with New Agers
Ever wonder what trying to communicate with someone from a different planet would be like? Christians who try to share their faith with New Agers may have some idea. This communication gap runs deeper than mere terminology: it involves outlooks on the world that are themselves worlds apart.
Evangelizing New Agers
Christians are called to proclaim the true gospel of Jesus Christ to New Agers by developing appropriate evangelistic strategies. This article will make some suggestions along these lines.
Why I Talk With New Agers
I talk with people involved in new religions and cults when I can, although for over thirty years I have taught, preached, and written against their unbiblical teachings. My standard policy is to present and defend divinely revealed moral virtues and Christ's grace anywhere I am invited if my message is not curtailed.
Cult Evangelism: Which Methods Are Effective?
Cult evangelism is an especially difficult field of ministry. Many Christians are not at all sure just how to go about it. However, various fruitful methods of witnessing to cultists have been used, each of which has something to offer.
Ordinary--Andrew Evangelism
My husband is a pastor, but weíve discovered over the years that the greatest joys in ministry havenít come in extraordinary church events, but in the normal avenues of everyday person-to-person witnessóthe things any Christian can do regardless of gifts or calling.
Quite a few years ago I saw an attempted murder. When the police arrived, they asked if I would testify. I agreed to do so and eventually was called as a witness for the prosecution at their trial. After I was sworn in, the attorney asked me to tell the court three things: what I saw, what I heard, and what I felt. Thatís a good definition of a witness. A witness tells what he sees, hears, and feels.
A More Accurate Look at Matthew 28:19
It is not uncommon to teach a ďliteralĒ rendering of the participle πορευθέντες in Matthew 28:19 as either....