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Universe - Its Existence

If everything has a cause sufficient to bring it about then the universe must have one as well. God must be that cause, according to the cosmological argument. There are many different forms of the argument. In one form, there must be a God who has to exist in order to make possible the existence of those things that might or might not exist. In another form, called the Kalam argument, it is argued that the universe had to have a beginning and could not have existed eternally; that beginning had to be caused rather than uncaused, and that cause had to be personal rather than impersonal. Others have argued simply that the big bang theory for the beginning of the universe requires a creator to set up the initial conditions for the big bang.
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
William Lane Craig says, "I find the kalam cosmological argument for a temporal first cause of the universe to be the most plausible argument for Godís existence..."