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Speaker's Forum

Speaker's Forum is designed to help the church and other Christian groups find the right speaker for them. This is a free service to the church, and to the individuals who are featured on the site.

Other than Brian and Donna Morley, none of the other speakers are part of the Faith & Reason Forum ministry, yet they are worthy of consideration. You will need to evaluate each as to how well they meet your particular needs.
Christine Anderson
Devotional Speaker and Concert Artist. Speaks on spiritual life issues.
Dr. William Barrick
Speaks on a variety of topics including: Understanding Islam; Bible Translation; Mosaiac Authorship; Israelís Promises in Old Testament Covenants; The Messiah in the Old Testament, Worship: Lessons from the Old Testament; and more.
Dr. William Lane Craig
Public speaker and Debater. Speaks on a variety of apologetic issues. Some of Dr. Craig's debate topics are:
--Does God Exist?
--Evidence For/Against the Existence of God
--Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?
--Is the Basis of Morality Natural or Supernatural?
J. Ed Komoszewski
Speaks on a variety of issues, including the Diety of Christ, and the Da Vinci Code
Abigail Miller
Devotional singer for churches, colleges, and major conference sites.
Dr. Brian Morley
Currently speaks on the problem of pain and evil; various religions; and issues in apologetics.
Donna Morley
Speaks on the Spiritual Life, as well, teaches "How To" courses on conversing with people of other religious persuasions.
Maryann Olofsson
Speaks to women on a variety of topics relating to the spiritual life
More speakers to come!