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Donna Morley

Co-Founder of Faith and Reason Forum

Founder of Vibrant Faith Today


Growing up in a strict pre-Vatican II Catholic household, I knew the meaning of prayer and authority, but it was prayer by rote and the unquestioned authority of the church hierarchy.

At the age of 21, by God's grace, I saw my complete sinfulness. I asked for His forgiveness and came into a real relationship with Jesus Christ in 1980. It was then that I began to pray my own prayers to God, rather than the prayers the church taught me. As well, I no longer prayed to saints, a practice I could not find in Scripture. During this time I also began to read the Bible for myself. This may seem unremarkable, but the pre-Vatican II mind set did not encourage lay people to read the Bible. That was left to the priest, who on Sunday morning would read perhaps a verse or a short paragraph of ScriptureĖnot directly from the Bible, but from the Catholic missle that is distributed to Roman Catholic parishes worldwide.

There are no words to describe what it meant to read the Bible for myself for the very first time. I filled several journals just copying verse after verse. During those days the Word of God became so alive (and still is!). Itís Godís love letter to usĖhow could we not want to read something sent to us from above? (For Donna's lengthier testimony, and further understanding of Catholicism, go to the "Testimony" section.)

My new relationship with God began changing me and my goals. Though I had been finishing up a major in dietetics (having also invested six years working in dietetics at two hospitals) the Lord firmly put it on my heart to leave that field and go into Biblical Studies. I enrolled in a one-year program at Logos Bible Institute and then went on to The Master's College for a bachelor's degree in Christian Education, graduating cum laude in 1985. In the last few years, under the auspices of The Master's College, I've done some graduate work in Israel, Turkey, and Greece. I have a MA (Summa Cum Laude)and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Trinity Theological Seminary.

Along with being an Adjunct Faculty member in the Communications department at The Master's University, I am involved with keynote conference/retreat speaking.

By Godís grace and empowerment, Iíve been able to write Choices That Lead to Godliness, (Crossway Books) A Woman of Significance: Discovering Your Value and Purpose in the Eyes of God (Crossway Books), A Christian Womanís Guide to Understanding Mormonism (Harvest House Publishers), Becoming a Woman of Spiritual Passion: Overcoming Challenges to Your Relationship With God(Harvest House Publishers)and What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries? (Faith and Reason Press). Several more books are forthcoming.