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Note: The author has given Faith and Reason Forum permission to put his Resignation Letter on our website. To protect identities we have left out personal information (such as names, addresses and date of birth, where applicable) of the author, Bishop, and Stake President. The addresses in Salt Lake City have remained in the letter since they are public record.

This letter is authentic (no additions or deletions have been made) and bears the truthful testimony of the author.




Bishop _______



Via: certified Mail

Re: Membership of Resignation

This letter will serve to inform you that I wish to resign from membership in your church, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”, and I henceforth deny and renounce any and all connection thereunto.

I request that my name be immediately stricken from all Church records.

I insist that the Church record reflect that the only reason for termination is my statement of resignation and not the result of any action initiated on the part of the Church or its representatives.

I request a letter of confirmation to that effect be sent to me. Should it become necessary, I will not hesitate to bring legal action against you personally and the Church corporately, if anything is done or said to libel my good name or cause any loss of reputation. Further, I will not hesitate to make this request and y our response public.

I request this action be completed within 30 days from the above date.

This demand is made freely after much prayer, years of study, and with the full understanding of the consequences of this act, as taught by the church. I take this action after coming to the realization the LDS Church is in error in most of its teachings and doctrine. I can no longer ignore the teaching of false doctrine, the revision and redacting of Church history. I can no longer rely simply on that, “burning in the bosom,” for my eternal salvation while ignoring biblical and historical truths. I can no longer rely on obedience to the church’s teachings and ordinances. I can no longer put on a “happy face,” and pretend that all is well when my studies reveal that I’ve been trusting a lie.

My trust for eternal salvation is now in the free gift of the shed blood of Jesus. I can no longer place my eternal destiny in the hands of any person claiming to be a latter-day prophet or membership in a church or priesthood. I have placed my life at the foot of the cross and my name has now been recorded in “The Lamb’s Book of Life” (Revelation 20:15, 21:27).

For your information, among the major issues that have lead me to take this action are:

1. Joseph Smith was a false prophet having failed every test of validity of his claim (Deuteronomy 18:20-22, and Galatians 1:8). His failed prophecies alone prove they were not from God and that we should have no fear of Smith or his words. He is guilty of leading people to another god, false prophecies, teaching false doctrine and lying.

2. The Church’s current version of Smith’s claim to have seen God and Jesus in bodily form contradicts his original hand written version and Brigham Young’s account as spoken from the pulpit of the tabernacle and recorded in the Church publication, Journal of Discourses. This story did not evolve until well after Smith’s death and also conflicts with the biblical nature of God.

3. The Book of Mormon is not of divine origin, but rather, a text Smith compiled from the King James Bible and secular writings. Had the almighty God been involved in the writing of this book, it would not have required constant revision and would not have needed over 4,500 changes. God is not the author of confusion nor does His Word change. Unfortunately the golden plates have disappeared as miraculously as they appear, so translation from a language we have no other record of, can not be verified. There is absolutely no trace or evidence to support the geography or existence of this purported advance civilization. This evidence does not just completely vanish in just 1500 years.

4. The current version of Doctrine and Covenants has been rewritten, added to, and whole sections deleted to suit the political goals of the Church and the protection of its leaders. The Bible (and Book of Mormon), is very clear in stating God’s word does not change. Likewise, the Pearl of Great Price and its claimed origin, including the Book of Abraham, is pure fiction and not from God. Assuming that “truthfulness” is still a requirement to obtain a Temple Recommend, should the “Church” or many of its leaders (past and present), appear before you seeking a Recommend, you would have no alternative but to deny that request were you to remain true to your calling.

5. A cornerstone, upon which the Church attempts to justify its existence, is the claim to accept the King James Bible as God’s word, “as far as it is translated correctly.” However, when asked numerous times to detail the verses that are not correct, no one has been able to point to a single verse and explain the supposed translation error. There are now in existence over 26,000 manuscripts from the 1st century available to us, written in many languages and from many countries, all copies from the writings of men who walked and talked with the Lord. Were there errors in translating these early documents, it would seem very obvious and easily proven. Clearly, the Bible has not been changed by “corrupt Priests and fat Jews” as Brigham Young Proclaimed. Sadly the Church relies on the Bible only as a public relations tool in an effort to gain unsuspecting prospects and seek credibility within main stream Christianity while ignoring and perverting it’s Biblical truths.

6. I have come to realize that the god of the LDS temple ritual is Satan, who teaches doctrine to Adam and Eve, and whose apron every patron wears, and to whom Adam prayed and was answered, and to whom all temple patrons have cried,“Pay Lay Ale.” These rituals were introduced to the Church by Smith six  weeks following his initiation into Free Masonry. The Temple rituals are not from God, but rather copied from Masonry, which has its roots, and current practices rooted deep in the occult. My Savior will not require me to meet him with some cloth veil, wearing secret underwear, greeting Him with assorted hugs and hand shakes while chanting mystical secrets in his ear in a futile effort to be found worthy to enter his presence. He paid the full price of my admission with His shed blood.