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Second Coming of Christ–1874

          Introduction by D.M. Christ told us that no one knows when He shall come back (Matthew 24:36-39). The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that He has returned and that He is leading their organization into all truth. What many Witnesses don’t know is that there are many predictions of His return. They were taught that Christ came back in 1914. Let’s help them with this.

         In the provided pages, you can show the witnesses that the Watchtower Society has printed that Christ’s return was 1874 (and other years, as we’ll see). I must add, that there is one Watchtower in this bunch that quotes Christ’s return being in 1878. Just print it out, and put it in your 1878 files.

         Here is the link to our pages:

Click here to view 1874 Prophecy (Watchtower)  


Click here to view 1874

(Note: The second link has two more pages,
one of which accidently has a repeat of December 1, 1916).

After showing your JW visitor these pages, you can ask the following:

1. Believing that Christ returned in 1914, is the Watchtower wrong to say that Christ came back in 1874?

2. Is Rutherford right when he says that Satan’s empire was overthrown in 1799? (Harp of God, p. 231, also on scanned copy). We both agree there's trouble in this world, therefore, wouldn't that be due to Satan's schemes?

3. How do you know Christ has returned? Your own JW Bible says “Look! He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him” (Revelation 1:7; Matthew 24:30).

4. Who’s right? God (who says every eye will see Him), or Russell and Rutherford who said that Christ will come “invisibly?”

         See Rutherford’s original statement in the link below:

Click here to view The Lord's Return

5. Why does the Watchtower say that Christ has returned? They haven’t seen Him, have they? Remember, scripture says that “every eye will see him.”

6. Is the Watchtower organization a false prophet? Only false prophets say that Christ is here (Matthew 24:23,24).

© Donna Morley, 2008

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