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Sonrise Center For Buddhist Studies, Inc. (SCBS)


P.O. Box 116

Sierra Madre, CA 91025

email: JSNarnia@aol.com


Gives valuable training tools and resources to Christian ministries. Access vital maps, charts, testimonies, and short vignettes on historic missionaries to the Buddhist world. Their resources are just the beginning of a virtual library of vital helps for you to reach out to your Buddhist neighbor with the Gospel. The mission is to equip the Christian community with relevant information and appropriate training for ministry in a Buddhist or Asian pluralistic context.

OMF: Buddhism


If you want access to a ready reference guide to the branches of Buddhism, the history of Buddhism, what Buddhism teaches, common Buddhist terms, Christianity and Buddhism etc., then you need to visit this site and add it to your bookmarks. OMF have a valuable range of web sites that provide background to the major world religions. This is one of them.

A Buddhist Christian Dialogue

Buddhists interested in the person of Jesus -- and Christians who wish to engage in and promote meaningful dialogue with Buddhists in the online realm -- can log on to ABCDnet at http://www.abcdnet.org/index.html year-round.

The ABCDnet acronym stands for "A Buddhist Christian Dialogue." The site was created "to promote true interaction between Christians and Buddhists in dialog. It is not the goal to blend the distinct spiritual gems of Christianity and Buddhism and compromise our respective religions, but to promote mutual understanding between the parts in sober and positive confrontation." The site is Christian in origin. "It is the particular purpose of ABCDnet to present the full message of Jesus Christ in an intelligible way for Buddhists."

ABCDnet contains thoughtful articles about Jesus and Christianity that are designed to appeal to Buddhists. It is the work of a network of believers known as the Dialogue Academy.

Pray For The Buddhist World


In September 2001, at a meeting in Manila, Philippines leaders from several nations in Asia sensed that God was asking them to call Christians around the world to an unprecedented prayer initiative for the world's one billion Buddhists. Out of this emerged a call for one billion hours of prayer focused on the Buddhist world. Information about Buddhist World nations is being updated and made available through the web. A Daily Prayer Guide is also available. If 20 million Christians spend an average of one hour a week throughout the coming year praying for the Buddhist world, the target will be exceeded! Visit the web site above to log your commitment to pray and also to access further information, web links, and news items.