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Faith and Reason Forumģ is for those who want an intelligent faith--to think more deeply about God and grow deeper in their Christian faith.

We also explore reasons to believe (apologetics), right and wrong (Christian ethics), and the spiritual life. We also look at aspects of church history, as well as the beliefs of sects and world religions.

Where we disagree with views, please understand that we love and care about the people who hold them--that's what motivates us to explore the issues. So we are not critiquing people, just views. We have friends of many faiths and sects. What we would like to get across, simply put, is the biblical belief that God offers unconditional love and forgiveness, based not on how good we are nor how hard we try to do the right thing. In biblical terms, it is the offer of adoption, where we are loved and accepted apart from our performance in a relationship that will never be terminated. This is in contrast to the relationship of a hired person, which is based on performance, on being good enough, and can be terminated if it is not up to standards.

The site is sponsored by Faith and Reason Forumģ , which is the work of author and university professor Brian Morley, Th.M and Ph.D., and author, speaker, and university adjunct professor Donna Morley MABS, Ph.D. For more information about Brian and Donna, see "About Us."

You can find Brian and Donna's books at this site in the "Resource" section, as well as, at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and more.

One Final Note: Brian Morley is now teaching online courses through the Master's College. All are welcome to participate in the courses, whether that be for college credit, or for a greater knowledge of the subject. Brian is currently starting with Christian Theology (I and II) and Philosophy. Below is a link to these courses:

Theology I and II and Introduction to Philosophy
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