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John MacArthur Sermons

Dear Faith and Reason Forum friends,

John MacArthur and his ministry, Grace to You, is making his full sermon archive of his sermons available for free MP3 download at their website: www.gty.org effective November 5, 2008. This will be a permanent feature on their web site.

John has made this decision because he believes that in uncertain times—an historic presidential election, a struggling economy, and multiplying threats to peace and stability around the world—there’s no call to restrict the message of eternal certainty to those who can’t afford to pay for it. Although Grace to You is making the same hard financial decisions you and your families are making, the ministry firmly believes God has shown them this path, and that He always honors faithfulness to His will. John, and Grace to You are trusting that the Lord will use this greatly to advance His kingdom in the days ahead.