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By Robert Boyd Munger with Carolyn Nystrom

"I like your willow tree," Jesus said. "I remember when my Father and I thought up willow trees. We wanted branches that dance with the wind, then bow low to kiss the ground."

"Sometimes I dance with the wind in the branches," I said.

I jumped up and danced with the branches all around. Jesus danced too.

"I knew you would like that tree, Peter," Jesus said.

"Let me show you our house," I said. I took Jesus' hand and led him inside.

"This is our kitchen," I said.

Jesus looked all around. "Did you help your mom make lunch here?" he asked.

I was glad that today I could say yes.

At home, I found my darkest pencil. I wrote something on a small piece of paper. I burrowed under my bed and dug out my box. I lifted the lid and looked inside. Yes, it was all still there. I threw in the paper and snapped the lid shut. Then I kicked the box back under my bed.

I saw Mom and Jesus in the kitchen. They were talking quietly at the table. I didn't feel like being with them, so I started toward the TV. I heard Mom say to Jesus, "I'm so glad you are here. Will you live with us always?"

Mom didn't even ask me first! I liked having Jesus visit my house, but living with us was something else. It felt funny having Jesus watch everything I did.

"I will be glad to make my home with you," I heard Jesus answer.

I edged out of the kitchen and went back to my room. I dug my box out from under my bed. I buried it in the darkest corner of my closet. Then I closed the door tight.

"When I am with you, other people may not see me," Jesus told me.

"I know."

ďHere is the hard part," Jesus said.

ďYou may not always see me either--even when you want to."

"I want you with me anyway. I belong to you."

"Then I will make my home with you." Jesus smiled.

"Even when I am afraid?"

"Especially when you are afraid," Jesus said. "I will live with you forever," he added.

"Forever," I echoed.

Taken from My Heart Christís Home Retold For Children by Robert Boyd Munger with Carolyn Nystrom . Copyright © 2002 by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. Permission kindly granted to Faith and Reason Forum by InterVarsity Press.