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Donna Morley

During Donna's "B.C." days
and early days as a Christian she
studied nutrition at:

California State University, Los Angeles
California State University, Northridge

While getting her education, Donna also worked for 6 years in dietetics at two hospitals
(Holy Cross in Mission Hills, and Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara).

After becoming a Christian (September 10, 1980) Donna left the field of Dietetics, although she still speaks on the topic of nutrition.

As Donna began to grow in her spiritual life,
she developed a deep passion for studying God's Word, along with sharing it with others.

Donna has been involved in the following:

Evangelism: Discipleship Evangelism, Trainer (1981-1984)
Grace Community Church

Bible Studies in Retirement Homes and her own home:

From 1981-1990, Donna gave weekly Bible studies.
In 1985 Donna's Bible studies expanded. She began teaching in three separate retirement homes, every Saturday.
After Donna married Brian Morley in 1987, she limited her ministry to one retirement home, per week.
Three years later, Donna had to stop her ministry due to distant driving (after moving to the mountains)
and the birth of her first child. Donna has since visited one of the retirement homes--
unfortunately, not on a consistant basis. One day, she hopes to get back involved in that ministry.

Since 1988, Donna has had Bible studies in her home, as time allows.
Some studies have been on the spiritual life, and others on various religions,
and how to share Christ with people of different religious persuasions.

Discipleship: Through the years, Donna has had the privilege and honor
of discipling young women (college age and above).

Missions: Missionary Internship
William Cary University (1984)

Short term missions through Central American Missions (CAM) to Costa Rica and Honduras (Summer, 1984)

Donna and Brian actively pursued the mission field for several years until
the Lord's omnipotent Hand closed that door (for the time being, perhaps).


Certificate, a one year study in Biblical Studies
Logos Bible Institute

B.A. Christian Education (high honors)
The Master's College, now University

M.A. Biblical Studies (Summa Cum Laude)
Trinity Theological Seminary, Indiana

Ph.D in Biblical Studies
Trinity Theological Seminary, Indiana

The following was under the auspices
of The Master's University Graduate Program:

Studies in Israel
Taught by author and scholar Dr. William Varner
Director of IBEX
Jerusalem, Israel

Studies in Turkey
Taught by renown author, editor and scholar Dr. Mark Wilson,
Founder of the Asia Minor Research Center
Izmir, Turkey

Studies in Greece,
Taught by Greek scholar, Costis Tsevas

Adjunct Faculty Member-- Communications Department
The Master's University

Co-founder and former Co-administrator of Tyndale Preparatory Schools

Test Administrator for Bob Jones University Press(1997-2011)

Former home-school mother of two children (both now adults).

Active Member: Religion/Newswriters Association (RNA)

The International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA)

Active Speaker For: Faith and Reason Forum and
The International Society of Women in Apologetics (ISWA)

Author of:

Choices That Lead to Godliness
(ECPA Runner-Up for the 2000 Gold Medallion Book Award)

A Woman of Significance: Discovering Your Value and Purpose in the Eyes of God

A Christian Woman's Guide to Understanding Mormonism

Becoming a Woman of Spiritual Passion

What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries?

An expanded version of A Christian Women's Guide to Understanding Mormonism


* Evidences of The Bible and the Book of Mormon Compared: Examining LDS Apostle Orson Pratt's Reactionary Claims

* From Cumorah to the Celestial Kingdom: Mormonism's Changing View of Salvation

* An entire series of "What Do I Say...

* Donna is also working on two spiritual life books (for women) in between working on the above.


Guest on numerous syndicated radio (over 100) and television programs, including:
The Harvest Show (LeSea Brodcasting)
At Home With Chuck & Jenni (Family Net TV)
Live with Jerry Rose (TLN)
His Place (Cornerstone Television)
"It's a New Day" (Trinity Television Network)
It's Time For Herman and Sharron (Christian Television Network
Indiana Family Forum (Focus on the Family)
The Debra Peppers Show (KJSL-AM)
Morning Magazine (KJTY)
The Talk Spot (CANQUEST Multimedia)
Ingrid Schlueter on Crosstalk Radio (WVCY and WTLN Radio)
The Lynne Ford Show (WBCL Radio Network)
Northland Notebook (WWJC Radio)
Christianity in a Changing Culture (WCTS 1030 AM Radio)
The Bob Dutko Show (WMUZ Radio) and more.

Questions and Answers

What topics do you speak on?

I speak on a variety of topics relating to the spiritual life. The goal is to motivate women to live more fully in their walk with Christ, and dig more deeply into the riches made available to them, through Christ. Below, is just a few of the conference topics (and their descriptions) that I have spoken on. If you have a specific topic in mind, that you don't see here, feel free to talk to me about it.

Are you free for the month and weekend of.....?

Feel free to contact me. I usually don't travel, long distances, during the months of December-February (due to these usually being "bad weather months"). If the winter is mild, feel free to inquire.

If you are a small group, feel free to contact me. My preference would be that you would join efforts with like-minded churches. Please, don't get me wrong. I love speaking to small intimate groups, but it's just too exhausting to travel a lot, especially when I am going back and forth to the same area. For instance, I had spoken to a small group of about 50, at one Evangelical church. Shortly, after traveling to the group of 50, I got a request from another Evangelical group of about 100, who were only 15 minutes away from the group of 50. So, the bottom line is--it would be so helpful if small churches joined forces with one another.

How much do you charge?

I personally hate discussing money, that's not why I'm in ministry. Despite that, feel free to contact me regarding this.

I do ask, for all events, that the host xerox any materials that may be handed out, as well, pays for any travel or lodging costs. I would greatly appreciate a hotel room (or a room at the conference center) so that I can spend my time in prayer, and be fully rested.

Do you allow CD, Video, or DVD taping of your speeches?

No Audio, Video, or DVD recordings are allowed under copyright law, UNLESS you have received written permission by Donna prior to the speaking engagement.

Your organization needs to explain, in writing, what you intend to do with the taped DVD, or Video.

Can you provide for us a Statement of Faith?

Absolutely! You can find it right on this Faith & Reason Forum website, in the section, "About Us."

Conference Topics

Conference #1: Worship That Changes Everything

This conference will guide women into thinking more deeply about prayer, about the importance of prayer, and how the worship of God takes on many forms. Below are the sessions offered:

1-a Discerning the Nature of Our Prayers

One of the things lacking in many of our lives is the ability to discern the true nature of our prayers. Discernment encompasses all facets of our life, including prayer. Christ taught the disciples discernment in prayer just before He left this earth. He knew that without His physical presence they would be dependent on prayer to make right decisions and choices.

1-b How Can My Prayers Be Answered?