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Abigail Miller


Conference Singer

Participant with the traveling

singing group, The Alethians,

Trinity Baptist College (Jacksonville, FL)

Composed the lyrics and melody to

over 40 songs

Published 4 CDís:

The Song of My Soul (2001)

Closer to Jesus (2003)

I Can Go In (2006)

Unfamiliar Grace (2008)

Devotional Singer at various churches, Christian colleges,

and conference centers, including

The Georgia Baptist Conference Center

Wife of Paul Miller

Mother of Eight Children

Introduction from Donna Morley: I had the pleasure of meeting Abigail when we both ministered together at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center. Itís an understatement when I say, sheís the most gifted writer of music, and has the most beautiful, angelic voice Iíve ever heard. Abigail doesnít just sing the songs she wrote--before each song, she gives a story as to how the Lord gave her the words (thereís an illustration of 10 short stories, below). Itís been said by others (and I agree) that Abigailís music is gentle, meditative, heart-searching and deeply Scriptural. Many of her songs deal with issues ranging from the cross-life to holiness to Christís sacrifice to motherhood.

From my own personal observation, when singing and speaking, Abigail has a way of causing her listeners to get teary eyed. Itís not talent I am in awe of--itís the Lordís Divine hand, on Abigail, that strikes me to the core.

The entire Miller family travels and sings in churches to share from the heart what God has done for them.

Abigailís testimony: I was born to Christian parents and grew up attending a Bible-believing Baptist church in upstate New York. Though I made an early profession of faith in Christ, it was not until I was 17 years old that I was truly born-again. Shortly after my conversion, I wrote my first song, Lord, I Must Be Yours. It was then that the Lord gave me a new desire to serve Him. I prayed that He would open doors for me to use my talents for Him. God answered and I began to sing frequently at my home church, and then in Christian colleges with the traveling singing group, The Alethians, of Trinity Baptist College (Jacksonville, FL).

I married Paul Miller in Rochester, NY, in 1995 and experienced the joys of motherhood the following year. During that time, I began to write more original songs, and at the urging of friends and loved ones, I recorded my first CD, The Song of My Soul, in May 2001.

Below are ten songs Abigail has written, and the stories behind those songs:

I Believe to See

How often the Lord leads us down ways we do not understand. How often we are waiting for His answer to our prayers, wondering in our human way if He has finally forgotten us, after all. But God's goodness is unchanged. We have no cause to doubt Him for a moment. His ways are not our ways, and trust Him we must. Like the Psalmist, we must not agree with the world that "seeing is believing," but choose instead the opposite --- "believing is seeing."

This world is a place where we believe what we can see.

The tangible, the visible is what must really be.

But, He who would be wise must see with different eyes,

We live by faith, where miracles will come as no surprise.


I believe to see the goodness of the Lord.

I believe the promises He gave us in His Word.

I don't need to know the outcome of His plan.

I will trust His ways, though I can't see His hand.