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Maryann Olofsson

Bachelor’s Degree: Christian Education

Kings College, New York

Masters Degree: Christian Education

Biola University, Talbot School of Theology

Served on staff:
Cornerstone Bookstore
Valley Book & Bible Bookstore

Served on church staff:
Lake Avenue Congregational Church
Grace Baptist Church
Hillside Evangelical Free Church

Taught part-time:
The Master’s College


Speaker (Retreats, Women's Events, Training)

Guest Lecturer for Universities and Seminaries

Resides in San Jose’, California

Contact Information:
(408) 448-0359

Email: teachministries12@gmail.com

I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and became a Christian when I was 10 years old, shortly after my father’s death. When I was 15 years old my mother passed away and it was at that time that I knew I wanted to go into church ministry.

After completing my Bachelor’s Degree from The King’s College, I moved to Southern California and had the opportunity to serve on two church staffs in Children’s and Family Ministries. I also was able to serve in two Christian Bookstores as a Church Resource Director. In addition I had the opportunity to teach part-time at The Master’s College, while also completing a Master’s Degree from Biola University with a focus on Christian Education. In 1998 I moved to San Jose, California and served in the areas of Women’s and Connections Ministries at Hillside Church.

I love to learn and teach God’s Word. I love to disciple and encourage women to grow in their faith and relationship with God. I also enjoy walks at the ocean, working in my garden, dinner out with a friend, and playing golf. But my greatest joy is to see individuals of all ages have their lives transformed by God. If I can help you and the women in your church, Christian school, or organization I would love to serve you in this way.


Satisfied and Single

Breaking the myth, “If I am single, then I can’t be satisfied.” We will explore the Biblical principles related to real satisfaction, whether we are single or married. We will also look at how we can build healthy relationships with female friends whether they are married or single.

Walking Daily In The Light

We will explore the Scriptures and find out what it means to be the “light” in the world that attracts others to Jesus, and in turn glorifies God, our heavenly Father. This workshop is designed for those wanting to help others know Jesus in a personal way, as well as for those who are seeking a relationship with Jesus.

At HIS Feet

We will explore the Scriptures and discover how Mary, the sister of Martha, spent three important occasions at the feet of Jesus. Her model to us can change forever how we come to Jesus! Don’t miss this journey, “At HIS feet!”

God's Garden of Friendship

Gardens can display some of the most beautiful flowers, plants, fruit, and vegetables. But the beauty does not come easily. It costs the Gardener much to grow and care for the garden. In God's Garden of Friendship we will take a journey through some of the gardens in the Bible, and discover how much it cost God to grow our friendship with Him and what it will cost us to grow our friendships with others.

Joyfully in Jesus

Discover the difference between happiness and joy. As we explore the Scriptures we will discover what true joy is, what keeps us from experiencing it, what helps us maintain it, and how it can point others to Jesus.

The Journey of the Heart

The Psalms (songs and poems) of the Old Testament had an impact in the lives of God’s people. As we explore several of the Psalms we will see how they draw us to God, to His Word, to Worship, to Confession, and to Life Transformation.

Failure Need Not Be Final

Have you ever failed and thought, “Nothing good can ever come from my life because of this failure.” As we study God’s Word together we will meet women and men who may have thought this same thing. But they discovered from God, by the way of His love, grace, and forgiveness, that “Failure Need Not Be Final!”

From Fear to Faith…plus, other journeys of the heart

All of us experience fear at one time or another, but we do not have to stay there. We will discover from God’s Word how we can move “from fear to faith”, plus, other journeys of the heart such as moving “from worry to worship”. Don’t miss the journey your heart can take with God.

Heroes of the Faith

Take a journey with Biblical and Contemporary Heroes of the Faith and discover what made these women and men faithful followers of God. And at the end of the journey together, answer these questions: “Who are my heroes?” and “What legacy am I leaving to those who look at my life?”

Golfing and Walking with Jesus

If you enjoy the game of golf, you will be excited to hear “Parables about golf” that will spiritually challenge your walk with Jesus. God’s Word will be used as a foundation for the principles taught in this fun, but challenging workshop.

Women’s Ministries (Workshop)

Whether you are just starting a Women’s Ministry, or wanting to strengthen your present ministry, this Biblically based workshop will encourage you in the following areas:

Leadership Development

Team Building

Creating your Mission Statement

Priorities and Goals

Mentoring for Leadership and Growth