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NOTE: The words below, in bold, are the places on this website where you can find the article described. The exception is where it states, "Take a Look." A link that you can paste in, will take you to the video or article mentioned.

MORMONISM:"A Message to All Latter-day Saints About Grace." Video link to Michael Flournoy's message.

MORMONISM:"Alien Righteousness For Mormons." Video link to Michael Flournoy's message.

MORMONISM:"The Errors of Dr. Lynn Ridenhour"

WOMEN:"Lessons From the Dark Valley of Depression by Mary Somerville

Children: "What Does Art Have to Do with the Spiritual Life

Spiritual Life For Women: "Practical Steps Towards Godliness--One Step At A Time" by Donna Morley

MormonismDonna Morley's response to a Mormon woman who claims that Joseph Smith did not have sex with his polygamous wives

The Problem of Evil Over the years people have asked Dr. Brian Morley about the question of Evil in this world. Brian has written a book about the problem (quite detailed) and is writing another book for the average layman. Prior to this second book coming out, Brian has written some quick thoughts on the subject for those interested.

LINKS:  Go to our "Links" page and check out the Beggar's Bread, found in the Apologetic section. Wonderful site!

Take a Look:German Woman, Heidi Mund, Protests A Muslim immam Praying in a Protestant Church:


Mormonism:  Was Polygamy, in the Nineteenth Century, Started by the FLDS Church or the LDS Church?  Written by Donna Morley 

Mormonism: Three Meetings With An LDS General Authority.
Letter by Former Mormon Historian Grant Palmer

Testimonies: A new section has been added: "How To Know Jesus."

Ethics: Comments by Brian Morley on the recent discussion of After-Birth Abortions

Mormonism: AN ADDRESS TO ALL BELIEVERS IN CHRIST.By Book of Mormon Witness, David Whitmer. Written in 1887.

Mormonism: Resignation Letter of a Former Mormon

In The News: Updated with the latest religious news.

Resources:What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries? by Donna Morley

Mormonism: CUMORAH REVISITED(copyright, 1910) by Charles A. Shook

Mormonism:LAST CONFESSION AND STATEMENT OF JOHN D. LEE, by J.D. Lee. This pertains to his involvement in the Mountain Meadow Murders.

Mormonism:Special Report on the Mountain Meadows Massacre. This is the first published Federal Report on the Mountain Meadows Massacre (September 1857) in Utah.

Women's Section:"Women Teaching Men in the Church."Written by Donna Morley

Mormonism: Mormon prophet Joseph Smith's King Follett Funeral Sermon

Jehovah's Witness: The Jehovah's Witnesses and Prophetic Speculation: An Examination and Refutation of the Witnesses' Position on the Second Coming of Christ, Armageddon, and the "End of The Word" Written by Dr. Ed Gruss

Sharing Your Faith"A More Accurate Look at Matthew 28:19" by John Finton

Mormonism: "Acts 7:55-56 and Mormonism" by John Finton

Devotional: "Bunyan Characters" by Alexander Whyte

Jehovah's Witness: "President Charles Taze Russell, and second President, Joseph Rutherford" by Donna Morley

Mormonism: "Mormonism and the Pre-existence of Spirits" by John Finton

Sharing Your Faith:"Sharing Your Faith With Asian Americans." Written by J. Isamu Yamamoto

Jehovah's Witness:"An Interpretation of Christ As 'Firstborn' (Col. 1:15). Written by Dr. J.E. Rosscup

Mormonism: "Mormonism and John 4:24." Written by John Finton

Mormonism: "An Exegetical Look At Ezekiel 37:15ff." Written by Dr. J.E. Rosscup

Jehovah's Witness: We currently have Watchtower Magazine pages regarding Armageddon, the actual deed to the Beth-Sarim house, children, marriage, God's Word, Jesus, the Lord's return, the cross, prophecies and more. An analysis on each of these is forthcoming (as well as more WT magazine articles). Feel free to print out and use. Please do not collect these, for resale (such as on a DVD). The Lord's strong Hand got these to us (without cost), therefore, we believe you should get them for free (which means, we want you to pass these on for free). If you are a website ministry, we ask that you simply link your visitors to Faith and Reason Forum, for free access to these pages.

Jehovah's Witness: The complete book of "Divine Plan of the Ages" is now on our site. Feel free to print out, and show your JW missionaries and friends. Please do not use for selling purposes.

JW Disfellowship:
Read about a woman's experience, being disfellowshipped from her family. Go to:


Top court urged to strike down law that forced blood transfusion for JW teen.
For news article, go to:


Would you like to understand Muslim Honor Killings?:
Go to:

NOTICE: If you have any old cult books (75 years or older) or even wonderful spiritual life books (for the Devotional section) that you would like to donate to Faith and Reason Forum (or, allow us to borrow, and get back to you), we will make sure to get it up on our website so all who come to FRF can benefit, one way or another.

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