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About Dr. Brian Morley

I grew up in a household that was highly moral but not traditionally Christian in a theological sense. My father believed in a higher being who ordered the universe but who might Himself be subject to its laws. My motherís views were an early version of the New Age movement. For a few years I was agnostic, and at times even atheistic. I began to wonder whether God exists, and if He does, what He is like. I soon awakened to the realization that God not only exists but He could hear my prayers. I asked Him to reveal to me His true nature, and I told Him that if He did I would dedicate my life to making known the truth about Him. Then in my senior year of high school I met a Christian whose faith I admired. She said that I could know if Christ is the Son of God or not. I prayed to that end on April 15, 1972 though I was still quite skeptical about Christianity because my understanding of it was distorted. That night I read the Sermon on the Mount and was deeply moved. I was especially struck by Christís teaching to ďlove your enemiesĒ (Matt. 5:44). I had never heard such a thing. I decided that if God were to give a message to humanity it would be like that one. I encountered the life of Christ in the gospels, and when I got to the crucifixion I realized that Christ had died to bring forgiveness to humanity. I realized too that I personally needed forgiveness. I asked God to forgive my wrongdoing and to be the Lord of my life.

About that time, I graduated from high school. I later finished a bachelorís degree in philosophy from the University of Southern California, then a Master's of Divinity (M.Div.) and a Master's in Theology (Th.M.) from Talbot Seminary (Biola University). I went on to Claremont where I did a doctorate in philosophy of religion and theology, having the privilege of studying under John Hick and Stephen Davis.

Iíve taught courses in several schools, including three seminaries, and have had the opportunity to supervise doctoral work in higher education. Since 1989 Iíve been at The Masterís University full time, where I have taught for thirty years twenty different classes in biblical studies and philosophy. I am now the online Biblical Studies Chair and now teach my courses online.

Along the way I have published about twenty articles and chapters in various works, and have finished a book on why God would allow pain and evil (God in the Shadows: Divine Love and Evil, Christian Focus). I have also finished a book about different approaches to demonstrating what is true in the area of religion (Pathways to God: Comparing Apologetic Methods, InterVarsity). More books are forthcoming).

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