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To Vote or Not to Vote?

Donna Morley

       About a month ago, I was asked to go on the radio and speak on the topic of voting. Since that radio interview, I've been asked to write upon this subject, as well. The issue surrounding this topic deals with those who have committed themselves to voting for Jesus in this next presidential election. They have been motivated by internet evangelist Bill Keller who is running this campaign for Jesus Christ. As of today (September 19, 2012), Keller has successfully convinced close to 586,000 Christians to commit themselves to vote “Jesus for President.” While I understand the idea behind this (after all, neither Romney or Obama share the evangelical point of view), I don’t agree with it.

        Below are my five reasons behind my disagreement with “Jesus For President,” along with those who refuse to vote, at all.


1. We are NOT voting for Romney to be our pastor, nor our religious leader.


        What we are doing is choosing who's best for the job. Who comes closest to the values we hold? Who might be able to best turn around our nation’s problems? Who is, in a sense, the best of the "two evils?"

        Let’s look at this differently—suppose you, or a loved one, had a brain tumor. Obviously, you want to seek out the best surgeon to take out the tumor with as little harm as possible. You are given two choices: The first surgeon is a Mormon expert with over twenty years experience. Your second choice is an Evangelical, who loves Jesus with all his heart. He just finished his internship, and you would be his first patient. Which person will you choose to treat you?

        I’m sure that while you have an affinity towards the Evangelical, you would feel much more confident about the surgery by choosing the Mormon surgeon who has had years of success. After all, your life is in danger.

        Now, let’s consider this nation. It’s in real danger, health-wise. We all realize that whether it’s in the field of democracy, socialism, economics, foreign policy, moral issues, or even health-care, we’ve got serious problems. I am not as much concerned about us older folks, but I’m very concerned about our children and our children’s children–in fact, I’m concerned about all future generations. This concern is compounded with the fact that there are many Christians who want to waste away their vote.


2. Even if Jesus won, He’s not going to take the job.


        The Lord could have allowed Rick Perry, for instance, to win the presidential nomination. Yet, He didn’t. Why? Could it be that Mitt Romney was better qualified for this job than Rick Perry? Possibly, possibly not. Regardless, the Lord is the One who put Romney in this position–therefore, I don’t think it’ll be sinful to vote for him. Voting is a privilege, given to us by God. May we not waste our vote, especially in light of the fact that many men have died for this nation and its freedoms—which includes voting.


3. Being Subject to Those Over Us.


        The apostle Paul reminds us that we are to be subject to rulers, and authorities over us (Titus 3:1). With this in mind, do we want ourselves and our loved ones to be subject to Obama or Romney? Not only that, which one do you want to honor? Remember, Paul also stated that we are not only to “honor all men” but to also, “honor the king” (1 Peter 2:21). In Paul’s day the leader of a nation was called, “King.” In our day, here in the U.S.A., he’s obviously called, “President.” While I want to always show respect towards any President, I have an upcoming choice as to who I want to bestow honor upon. Anyone who has a difficult time honoring the current President, better make sure they go out and vote.

        Along with being subject to the President, and showing honor towards him, we must also pray for him. As many of us know, Paul the apostle was under the leadership of the terrible Nero, and yet, it’s he who said that we are to pray for our government leaders, so that “we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity" (1 Timothy 2:2). To have such a life then, means we need to elect officials that will act wisely and morally.

       Many of us have been praying for Obama these past several years. So, the question is–are you desirous to continue to pray for him or for a new leader? If you want to pray for a new leader then you better vote otherwise, you’ll be praying another four long years for Obama. In fact, you’ll most likely be pleading with the Almighty to stop some of his policies from being implemented. Perhaps it’s better to act now, rather than to resort to pleading later.


4. Now, let’s talk about the Elephant in the room.


        Some of you may be concerned that a vote for Romney raises the profile of Mormonism. I understand your concern, so let’s just state the obvious — the profile has already been raised. Therefore, let’s turn this into a positive. We can use this raised profile to challenge the Mormon prophet’s (Joseph Smith) claims—that all other religions are an abomination; that one can become a God/goddess with your own earth to rule over; and more.

        Consider. This raised profile of Mormonism may be the Lord’s way of wanting the truth to be shared. How? With Romney as President, it’s a “no-brainer” that people will be discussing Mormonism. Mormons know this to be true, as well. Because Mormonism will be spoken of, more than any other time in this nation’s history, we as Evangelicals have a great opportunity to expose Mormonism for what it really is. This just may allow us to spare people from venturing into it.

        Secondly, along with sparing people from Mormonism, I believe that we’ll have greater opportunities to help Mormons get out of it. Let’s not close the door on this divine opportunity. If you’re fearful about such an opportunity–pray about your role in all this. Is it to simply show further love to your Mormon neighbor? Is it to lovingly talk with the Mormon missionaries who are knocking on your door?

        For those who feel led to share Christ with the missionaries, let’s not fear them–but prepare for them. Let’s all pray that we’ll be ready to make a defense to all Mormons who ask us to give an account for the hope that’s in us (1 Peter 3:15).


5. Caring For Others


        Paul the apostle told Christ-followers that, “as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially the household of faith. (Gal. 6:10). This is in line with what Christ said, “Love your neighbor.” Voting is part of loving your neighbor; of doing good to others.

        Perhaps you can’t think of any issue that might stir you to vote, but how might your five minutes at the voting booth help someone else? Think of your friend who is home-schooling her children. We have no idea, as more and more liberal policies get into our nation, whether there will be home-schooling in the future; or whether we’ll even have freedoms to discipline our young children. Therefore, your vote could make it possible for your friends to continue raising their children the way they believe is best. What about the public education in your area? There always seem to be public education issues that require wisdom at the ballot box. Are any pro-life candidates running for office? If so, how might your vote reach out to the many unborn babies at risk?

        Showing that we care is one way of building credibility for sharing the Gospel. We can show that we care when we vote to get the best men and women in government and onto the judicial bench. Voting can show that we are interested in righting wrongs, doing justice, serving mankind (cf. Micah 6:8) and generally preventing society from deteriorating further.

        Let’s also not forget, if Obama wins another term, he’s not only going to implement “Obamacare,” which will bankrupt this nation, but he’s also going to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). What does that mean? I suggest you go to Parental Rights (.org) and other websites to learn more about this. I’ll just simply say that this next move, that Obama would like to take, is quite alarming when one considers that there will be an intrusion on parent’s rights to teach values and faith, while simultaneously giving children (regardless of their maturity) the ability to override what their parents want for them.


The Bottom Line


        For myself, it seems a little hypocritical if I try to tell people about a God who cares about them while I don’t care enough to spend a few minutes to vote on those good and righteous things that matter to them (and matter to God).

       It also seems hypocritical to me to say that I am against things, such as what Obama intends to implement in his next round as President, but then not bother to take even a few minutes to do something about it. To not vote, or to simply write in “Jesus for President,” is opening up the door for more harm in the next few years. This nation may never recover from it.