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What Do I Say To Mormon Friends and Missionaries?

Author: Donna Morley

Retail: $16.99/FRF price: $13.99

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What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries? shares valuable information alongside true–life stories, powerful illustrations, and useful “evangelism helps” to empower Christians with knowledge and the relational tools they need for sharing their faith. Personal, concise, and practical, this guide offers women:

The book includes: (1) Mormonism’s history, doctrines, and beliefs (taken from Mormonism's own documents, doctrinal books and other LDS Church sources); (2) a Fact sheet with questions to ask a Mormon friend or missionary and scriptural answers to follow up; (3) an LDS Photo Album that gives the reader a "picture" in their mind of the characters in the Mormon story; and (4) a warm, personal approach to witnessing a clear understanding of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity.

Christians today are very likely to be approached by a Mormon (often at their front door). This book gives them a solid, biblical foundation and a clear path to confidently share Christ with Mormon friends and missionaries.

Below is the book's Table of Contents:

Intro: They Sound Just Like Us!


1. Who Was Joseph Smith?

2. Why Is Joseph’s First Vision So Important?

3. What Is the Book of Mormon About?

4. Doctrine & Covenants—Revelations from the Lord?

5. What Do I Need to Know About Other Mormon Scriptures?


6. Why Don’t You Believe the Bible Alone Is Sufficient?

7. Why Do You Trust in Joseph Smith for Your Salvation?

8. What Does God’s Grace Mean to You?

9. Why Do You Rely on Baptisms for the Living & the Dead?

10. In Your View, Who Is Jesus Christ?

11. Why Do You Believe You Can Become a God?

12. What Do You Believe About the Trinity?

13. What Do You Believe About Heaven?

APPENDIX A: A Comparison Between Mormonism and the Bible



FACT SHEET: Your Quick Guide to the Truth

Take a look at the following email. It's from a mother whose son, after reading What Do I Say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries? (Formerly, A Christian Woman's Guide to Understanding Mormonism).

NOTE: The person's name, and the state she lives in, has been changed.

My name is Sarah.

I wanted you to know that you have helped me, my oldest son and my family with your book.....

My son became good friends with a Mormon young man last year, his senior year in high school. We live in a town in northern Michigan and have really had no knowledge of the Mormon religion. My son is very shy and so when a new, good friend came into his life we were happy for him. I thought that Mormons were exactly what they claim to be but, a little bit more than Christians, they believed in present day prophets. My son started to go to church with the Mormon family while still attending the Christian church.

Last fall I was overcome with this panic inside about my son and the Mormon church. I felt as thought I had this sucking hole in me. I believe now that God was telling me to wake up and do something. So, I started to have frank discussions and fights with my son about Mormonism (admittedly, the fights weren't good). I told him what I believed and what I saw as huge differences, and how I thought they were wrong. My son has been a student of the Bible, so I was shocked that he could fall for this. Of course, he was swayed by the Mormon's kindness, telling him he was part of their family. He even applied to BYU!

I prayed, I cried, we threatened, we limited his access to the Mormons. But, still he believed. Then, I got your book and you are so right--the things you said in your book are exactly what my son started saying to me. I not only read your book, but my son was willing to read it under one condition. That is, if after reading the book, that my husband and I would leave him alone if he desired to stay in the Mormon church. We agreed.

I just wanted to let you know that you helped bring my son out of Mormonism and into a true faith in Jesus Christ. He is now considering being a missionary to Mormons in Salt Lake City!

I've told my son that I believe that this happened for a reason, that God in time will use us. You see, I have a sister who is Christian but, her husband is Mormon now and insists on raising their boys this way. Please pray that when God calls us to testify for him (I believe that it will be to my nephews) that we will have the strength and knowledge to do this

Please know that there is a mom in Michigan who knows that God has brought you into her life through your book. Thank you. Sarah.