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Alvin Plantinga's personal Website

Alvin Plantinga. A site devoted to his thought

Blackwell's Resources in Philosophy

Christianity Today's Philosophy page

Episteme Links. A philosophy search engine.


Evangelical Philosophical Society

Faith Quest. Has a number of articles from Christian philosophers such as R. Swinburne

Fallacies. Forty-two fallacies explained and illustrated (by the Nizkor Project--note its copyright notice)

Francis Beckwith's Home Page

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet. Searchable guide to hundreds of sites

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet resources on philosophy, from Peter Suber. Searchable guide to hundreds of sites; divided into philosophers, topics, bibliographies, newsgroups, journals, and more.

Karl Popper site on the philosopher of science

Noesis Philosophical Research On-Line

On-Line Papers in Philosophy. Hundreds of papers organized by discipline and philosopher (compiled by David Chalmers)

Philosopher's Magazine

The Philosophical Gourmet Report. Ranks college philosophy programs

Philosophy courses from The Teaching Company. Dozens of courses on all topics taught by outstanding lecturers. Includes over twenty courses on philsophy.

Philosophy on the Radio. Over a hundred downloadable radio programs on philosophy, including a discussion between Plantinga and Putnam on God's Existence. (Requires RealPlayer, which can be downloaded from the site.)

Postmodernism--University of Colorado's site. Organized by thinker. An excellent site with extensive links

Thomas Kuhn. Website on the most influential philosopher of science in the 20th century

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Timeline of Western Philosophy. From the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

USC Professor Dallas Willard's site on philosophy and Christianity

William Lane Craig's website (Christian philosopher extraordinaire)

William Lane Craig's course on Philosophy of Religion (53 pages)