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Mormonism Fact Sheet

[Note: If you have purchased, What Do I say to Mormon Friends and Missionaries?,

you will not need to buy the fact sheet. Itís included at the end of the book].

Are you finding it difficult discussing the following with your Mormon friend who believes that:

The Bible alone isnít sufficient

We need Joseph Smith for our salvation

We need Godís grace (itís really ďMormonĒ grace) plus our works to gain salvation

We need to baptize the dead so they will gain salvation

Jesus is the spirit brother of Satan; Christís death did not bring redemption, only resurrection.

In eternity, you can be a god, just as Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father are a god.

The trinity consists of 3 Gods, not one.

There are three heavens, the telestial, terrestrial, the celestrial.

If you are having a difficult time witnessing to your Mormon friend, our Fact Sheet can help you successfully share Christ. Appropriate questions are written on the sheet to ask your Mormon friend. As he/she answers you, the Fact Sheet will then guide you into truth from the Bible--showing your friend what God has to say about whatever particular subject, in Mormonism you are discussing.

Below is what one person said about the Mormon Fact Sheet:

Dear Mrs. Morley,

I go to a secular college and have been befriending a Mormon. Throughout my time with him, weíve had many discussions about what truth is. I always felt a bit inadequate to share Christ with him, simply because I couldnít properly refer him to the scripture verses that refute his doctrine. Well, since getting your book on Mormonism, and using the Fact Sheet at the end of the book, I have been able to confidently share truth with him. Your Fact Sheet made all the difference and has been helping my Mormon friend see truth. Thank you! Robert......


Laminated Mormon Fact Sheet

(Facts on front & back. Aprox: 11"x 4 1/2")