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Jehovah’s Witness Fact Sheet

Are you finding it difficult discussing the following with the Jehovah’s Witness missionary, who believes:

There are only 144,000 who make it to heaven (these people are JW’s only). All other Witnesses will live forever on earth.

Christ returned to earth, invisibly, in 1914 to rule the JW organization

The non-existence of Hell

The obliteration of the soul

The non-existence of the Trinity

The lack of personhood and Divinity of the Holy Spirit

The lack of Divinity in Jesus Christ

Jesus as Michael the Archangel

We aren’t to worship Christ–He is not God

If you are having a difficult time witnessing to the Jehovah’s Witness, our Fact Sheet can help you successfully share Christ. Appropriate questions are written on the sheet to ask the Witness. As they answer you, the Fact Sheet will then guide you into truth from the Bible--showing the Witness what God has to say about whatever particular subject, in the Jehovah’s Witness belief, you are discussing.


Below, Donna Morley explains why she developed the Fact Sheet:

I have always had a hard time with facts. Throughout high school and college, I hated them. In high school, I felt that memorizing a zillion dates in history was irrelevant to my life. And in college chemistry, memorizing the periodic table not only seemed irrelevant but boring beyond description. Of course, that was then, and this is now. I can now honestly say I love facts–especially facts that can help save a soul.

The Fact Sheet is filled with scriptures that can help you bring your Catholic, Mormon, and Jehovah’s Witness friend to Christ (soon, we’ll have more fact sheets to offer).

The best part of using this Fact Sheet is you won’t have to memorize a thing! Once you get your sheet, take a good look at it. You will notice there are specific questions to ask. As your friend answers your questions, you will be able to point him/her to the truth, found in the scriptures. These scriptures are made available on the sheet.

For example, some time ago my Christian friend Cynthia had a lot of questions about how to share the gospel with someone who grew up Catholic. She knew very little about Catholicism and didn’t know what to say.

Rather than answer Cynthia’s questions right away, I wanted to see how effective a Catholic Fact Sheet would be for someone like her. Grabbing from my desk my newly made Catholic Fact Sheet, I said, “Let’s role play.” And so we did. I played the Catholic, and she played herself, the Christian. She asked the first question from the Fact Sheet, and I gave her the Catholic answers. With the help of the Fact Sheet she was able to converse with me, give me appropriate Scripture verses, and show me what God had to say about certain subjects.

Cynthia enjoyed this so much that she wanted to go through the entire Fact Sheet with me. She did a great job of “witnessing” to me, although she admits she now wants to read my Understanding Catholicism so she can truly understand the religion and why Catholics believe what they do.

By the way, to save space on the Fact Sheets, I abbreviated some references to the books of the Bible. For instance, Genesis is “Gen.”, Deuteronomy is “Deut.,” Matthew is “Mt.,” Hebrews is “Heb.,” and so on. “BOM refers to the Book of Mormon.”

Before you meet with a Catholic, Mormon, or Jehovah’s Witness, you’ll want to look over the Fact Sheet. In fact, you’ll find it helpful to review it periodically so you’re also ready for the Mormon or J.W. missionary who may come knocking at your door! The Fact Sheet, which points the lost to the Word of God will go a long way toward helping you to be ready “to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).

Enjoy having a part in the great harvest!

What Others Have Said




There are a lot of Jehovah’s Witnesses that live in my area, and they often come to my door. It has not been until using the Fact Sheet that I felt confident in sharing with them. The Fact Sheet guides me beautifully in asking the right questions, and using the appropriate scripture verses. I know, beyond doubt, it gets them thinking. Thank you, everyone at Faith and Reason Forum, for your ministry and for helping me share truth with these lost souls. Blessings, Debra...