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Catholic Fact Sheet

Are you finding it difficult discussing the following with your Catholic friend:

Papal authority and infallibility

Forgiveness of sins through the priest

The Mass and the communion service


Praying to Mary; Mary without sin;

Exalting Mary; Mary being a Virgin

The Apocrypha as inspired scripture

What our Catholic friend bases her hope of salvation

If you are having a difficult time witnessing to your Catholic friend, our Fact Sheet can help you successfully share Christ. Appropriate questions are written on the sheet to ask your Catholic friend. As they answer you, the Fact Sheet will then guide you into truth from the Bible--showing your friend what God has to say about whatever particular subject, in Catholicism, you are discussing.

Here is what one woman said about the Catholic Fact Sheet:

Dear Donna

Because of your fact sheet, Iíve been able to share boldly and confidently with my Catholic neighbors. I use to be nervous about sharing my faith, but now Iím excited and confident as I use your Fact Sheet to guide me to the Word of Truth with my Catholic friends.

Love in Christ,


Laminated Catholic Fact Sheet

(Facts on front & back. Aprox: 11"x 4 1/2")