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Books on Mormonism
Here are a variety of books to help us reach out to Mormons. Some are written by Christians for Christians (and the seeking Mormon). Others are written by Mormons (such as founder Joseph Smith, and Mormon Church Historian, B.H. Roberts), which can be used as tools in reaching out to Mormons.
Books on Jehovah's Witness
These books are written by Christians for Christians, as well as, the seeking J.W.
General Theological Issues
Books that deal with the struggles of the Christian and non-Christian alike.
Books for Women
Books that assist with one's own spiritual life, as well, that help women reach out to others.
Why a Fact Sheet?
I have always had a hard time with facts.....
The Catholic Fact Sheet
Are you finding it difficult discussing the following with your Catholic friend:

Papal authority and infallibility; forgiveness of sins through the priest; the Mass and the communion service; purgatory; praying to Mary; her being without sin; exalting Mary; Mary being a Virgin; the Apocrypha as inspired scripture and what our Catholic friend bases her hope of salvation?
The Jehovah's Witness Fact Sheet
Are you finding it difficult discussing the following with the Jehovahís Witness missionary, who believes:

That there are only 144,000 who make it to heaven (these people are JWís only). All other Witnesses will live forever on earth. That Christ returned to earth, invisibly, in 1914 to rule the JW organization......
The Mormon Fact Sheet
Are you finding it difficult discussing the following with your Mormon friend who believes that the Bible alone isnít sufficient; that we need Joseph Smith for our salvation....
Books on Catholicism
Books to help us introduce Catholics to the living Savior. Also, books that Catholics may want to read for themselves.
Some of our articles were taken from book excerpts. If you would like to contact any of the publishers....